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The SawMillers Return

Okay, so I started to Jones on the fact that my clothes were not covered in sawdust, sap and sweat.  I guess that the idea of sawing your own wood maybe a little romantic, but the fact is, romance entails a lot of hard work and sore muscles.

The blades are rusty, the engine needed an oil change and the battery was dead. The screws on the clamps were covered in orange rust and the deck was still enclosed from the leaves of the past year. But in one day we were back.

The engine came back to life, the blade slid through the first cut and Kat was at the controls. My life felt a renewal as the sawdust fell to the ground and I grabbed the slab from the top of the log. Kat just smiled an ear to ear to grin and I knew that we were back. The Little Red Cedar mill was up and running.

Like anything in life, you never know what you miss until you are away from it for a while. Long hours working at the Chicken Plant, making someone else happy can really be a sap on your psyche.  When I am home, working on the place, my life feels complete.

This first day, in a matter of less than an hour, we had cut 40 - full sized 2x4's.

Man, this feels so good to be back.

Kat at the controls and every so often, giving me -
"The California Howdy".

("The California Howdy", Watch the Movie - The Beverly HiLLBiLLe$.
 Starring Jim Varney.  Varney was probably the best Character actor of our time.)

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