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Troubleshooting  Dimplex Heaters

Dimplex manufactures several types of electrical heaters. The heaters utilize an electrical resistive element that converts electricity to heat. The unit is controlled by a temperature activated thermostat that turns the heater on and off. Power is supplied to the heater by means of a circuit breaker or fuses. Troubleshooting a Dimplex heater requires a few tools. Replacing defective parts will entail the correct model number for the heater and access to an authorized dealer.


Place the thermometer in the same room with the heater and thermostat that controls the Dimplex heater. Wait five minute for the thermometer to reach an accurate reading. Read the thermometer.

Turn the thermostat down in temperature, below the thermometer reading. Rotate the thermostat up slowly in temperature. You should hear an audible "click" when the thermostat turns on. If no audible click is heard, turn the thermostat from low to high several times. If the thermostat is still not turning on, replace the thermostat.

Check the state of the circuit breaker or fuses that send electrical power to the heater. Reset the circuit breaker if tripped or replace the fuses if bad. Turn the Dimplex heater on using the thermostat. If the circuit breaker trips or the fuses blow again, the problem resides in the heater elements.

Remove all electrical power from the heater unit. Shut off the circuit breaker and pull the fuses that send electrical power to the heater.

Access the electrical connection box on the Dimplex heater. Remove the screws that hold the metal cover over the electrical connection box. Various Dimplex heaters will have different locations for the electrical connection box. Consult your model number and operational instructions that came with the heating unit.

Inspect the plastic wire nuts that insulate the bare copper wires from touching any metal parts. If a wire nut is missing from either of the two pairs of wires, replace it. Leave the cover off of the connection box. Turn on the electrical power. If the unit turns on with no problems, you have fixed the heater.

Test the electrical elements for continuity with the volt-ohmmeter. Ensure all power is off to the heater. Remove the plastic wire nuts from the two pairs of wires, exposing the twisted copper wires underneath.

Turn the volt-ohmmeter on and switch to the "Ohms" position. Insert the red lead into the "Ohms" connector. Place the black lead into the "Com" connector. Touch the leads together. The meter will read "0 ohms."

Touch the red lead to one of the wire pairs and the black lead to the other pair. The ohmmeter must read some form of resistance. The resistance will vary with model types of Dimplex heaters. If the ohmmeter reads "INF" or infinite resistance, the heating elements are bad and must be replaced.

Words to the Wise:
Contact your local Dimplex authorized dealer for replacement parts and warranty information. In some cases, units still under warranty may require a certified technician to replace all parts under warranty.