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Choosing to Go Green

I have heard the term Green Head. Not really sure what it means but it sure sounds a little dogged to me. Is this "Going Green" now become an all too much of the latest American fad, like Disco, Cowboys, the no Carb Diet and others?
I mean honestly, large corporations banging the drum, networks having a Green week? Come on already. I know this sounds like a rant but just hang in there. I am getting to my point.

Consumerism is just what this country was based on, just remember, the Boston Tea Party. Tax over the consumption of Tea and our Aristocratic Fore-Fathers drank a bunch of it. It was too expensive for the common folk to afford. They had to harvest natural leaves to have a soothing drink, like sassafras or red sumac berries. Coffee was substituted with boiled, dried and then ground acorns. Yes, I am moving to my point here.

Green should be the key to sustenance not a marketing ploy to have you purchase the latest gadget or processed foods because it is environmentally friendly. What is so friendly about something so heavily packaged?

Green should be the old coffee can you use to take the offal from the veggies to start a compost pile in the back yard.

Green should be growing a small garden in the front yard and the backyard. Show your neighbors how to do it. When I was a young boy, about one in five yards in my neighborhood had a garden and this was in the Twin Cities during the 60's and 70's. Now. I don't know but I'm betting a whole lot less.

If you live in an apartment, try some container growing. It only takes a little to get you to appreciate the over all picture.

And of all things that are in nature how can anyone from New York City teach or propose to give advice about growing and Green. I mean the large Television networks, do they really give a clap about it? Or just selling time?

Green should be literally that, start small, and grow something. It doesn't matter what it is, tomatoes, peppers, green beans or lettuce. All can be easily started and left to the container. Grow some real green food and then share it with your neighbors. To me that is "Going Green".

Look around, do you compost? What do you compost? Look for our article on the mailbox compost project.

If you send it through the post, chances are I will compost it.

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