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NGWave Audio Editor

Since April 2003 an important tool that we have been using here at Lo Gap has been an audio editor called NGWave.  When we first came across this basic, powerful and versatile audio component at Version 1.3, we knew there was something to this valuable tool.

Now in 2008, this must have audio editor has graduated into Version 4.1 with the power that will simply blow you away.  The authoring genius behind this masterpiece is Justin Nelson. His attentiveness to what his customers wanted has turned this simplistic program, Version 1.3, into a powerful editing suite with always more to come.

Our new video page, and all video production we have done,  is sound edited exclusively with NGWave. If there are any problems, with our videos, it definitely lies with us and our Net composting skills. Not with the easy to use and powerful audio editor of NGWave.

Sometimes, after  recording  sound FX, music and home voice. I will play them exclusively through NGWave -- just to see how much I can - EASILY -- enhance the sound.

Justin has always been there for fast response to any of my, ridiculous, questions.  The most wonderful part of any version of NGWave has been the fact that you can download for FREE and try the Audio Editor.

The Website is filled with Helpful FAQS not to mention some downloads that he has also developed, for free.

Whether you want to develop serious audio recordings or are wanting to make very slick CD's for a mix, you really need to try out and purchase NGWave

A must for the novice and especially the Professional.

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