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Operating the Nikon SB600

The Nikon SB-600 Speedlight is an automatic flash that can be attached to many Nikon cameras. The zoom function of the flash will automatically match the zoom settings of your lens allowing you to take great pictures in any light. The brightness of the flash can also be adjusted to take close-up photos with softer shadows to keep balance between the main subject and the background.

Four AA batteries
Nikon camera

Install four AA batteries into the battery compartment by sliding the cover in the direction of the arrows.  Insert the batteries as shown on the underside of the cover, making sure that the plus and minus ends are correct.

Press the "on/off" button on the flash. An indicator light will appear on the LCD screen when the Nikon SB-600 is on.

Turn the flash away from your eyes and press the "Flash" button. This will test the flash to insure it is in working order.

Turn off the flash and the camera. Turn the lock lever on the flash to the left and slide the flash into place on your camera's accessory shoe. Turn the lock lever to the right to lock the flash into place.

Turn on both the flash unit and the camera.  On many models of Nikon cameras, the unit will automatically adjust the zoom of the flash to the proper focal length corresponding with the lens.

Words to the Wise:

Refer to your camera user's guide to insure that the Nikon SB-600 will work with your system.
If the flash becomes weak, it is time to change the batteries.