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Angry Birds

Everyone needs a little downtime, diversions very different from their day to day routines.  I've found mine.  A little game known as Angry Birds.

Not only is it a diversion, I've also found it to be a stress-reliever.  Know someone you'd just love to whack up side the head - no problem give one of the egg stealing pigs in the game that person's name and watch how fast your anger dissipates when one of the birds takes him out.

The beauty of this little game is that it's available for any platform you want to play it on.  While designed for the iPhone and iPod, you can get a version for your laptop or desktop, any smart phone or play it for free inside the Goggle Chrome web browser. 

No matter how you decide to play the game the real upside is that it is cheap.  Unlike games costing 50 bucks or more, this game can be had for no more than 4.99.  That's for the downloadable computer version.  Smart phone versions are 99 cents.  And if you play it inside Goggle Chrome, it's free.  You cannot beat that price for so much fun. Heck for the price, you can afford to have the game on several platforms.

So what is Angry Birds?  Basically you use your mouse (or finger on a touch screen) to shoot birds with a slingshot at the pigs who stole the eggs.  The pigs are housed in all sorts of wooden, glass, rock and other materials.  It takes both patience and some visual geometry skills to work out the best way to destroy the enclosures and take out the pigs.

There are three versions of the game, the original Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio.  Rio differs from the others in that you are attempting to free caged birds instead of taking out thieving pigs. 

Bottom line, Angry Birds is fun, cheap entertainment for almost all ages.  Beware tho, that wanting to finish that level can become somewhat addicting if you let it.

Angry Birds can be found on the Angry Birds website and in both the iTunes store and the Google Marketplace.  Or just do a search for the version you want.