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Oscar Has Arrived!

Now all we have to do is pick him up.

And wouldn't you know it, like all good sawmills, he shows up on a weekend Kevin has to work.  Bummer!

A phone call over the weekend to our neighbor and Monday morning Kevin and he are on their way in his pickup.  Me, I sit home waiting for them and our new sawmill to arrive.

At noon, they pull in the drive.  I grabbed my hat and coat and headed out to the loading dock.  First we took the rails out of the bed of the truck.  Next Kevin had to figure out how to move the nearly 500 pound sawmill carriage from the bed.  Lots of muscle and scoot and finally Oscar the sawmill sat in three pieces on the loading dock.  Mission accomplished, Oscar was home.

Our next step was to get the rails together and level.  Asking for a level place in the Arkansas Ozarks is like asking for summer without drought.  Almost impossible.

Since we had the dirt work done, at least is was easier to level out the rails.  Once they were in place it was time to call our friendly neighbor again. 

Jim came down with his trusty tractor this time and Kevin attached the carriage to the bucket with chains.

Now it was simply a matter of moving Oscar from the dock to the tracks and setting him in place.

The job complete, Oscar was now ready to rock and roll.

Unfortunately, we weren't.  We still had to cut some logs.  That would be a weekend thing as Kevin and I were both ready to call it a day by then.  (Daylight hours are short when you work the night shift and have to get some sleep.)

With any luck, by the end of the weekend, we would be cutting our first boards.

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