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Wiring a Baseboard Heater

Baseboard heaters are much like any other electric baseboard heating unit. An internal heating element uses electrical power to emit heat to the surrounding air in a room. Baseboard heaters are typically placed along an outside wall, under an exterior window. Baseboard heaters can be powered by either 120 VAC (volts alternating current) or 240 VAC. Consult the unit specifications for voltage and circuit breaker or fuse sizing. Most baseboard heaters come with a pre-wired thermostat built into the unit. The power wires are connected to the wires going to the thermostat.

Material List:
Wire strippers

Lay the baseboard heater face down on the floor. Expose the rear of the unit. Locate one of the rear electrical covers on the rear of the baseboard heater. A  baseboard heater can be wired from either end of the unit.

Remove the electrical cover with the screwdriver. Insert the electrical power cable through one of the wire openings in the metal cover. Secure the cable to the cover by tightening down the vendor provided cable clamp.

Use the wire strippers and remove the individual outer insulation exposing the bare copper underneath. Typically to make a good electrical connection, reveal approximately ¾ of an inch of the bare copper from under the insulation.

Connect the wires in the following order. Secure the bare copper ground wire or green ground wire, from the power cable, to the green screw attached to the metal frame of the baseboard heater.

Terminate one of the power wires to one of the wires going to the heating  element of the internal heater. Connect the other wire coming from the electrical panel to the other wire on the baseboard heater. There will be two sets of wires, internal to the heater, that is covered by a plastic wire nut.

Unscrew the wire nut to expose the bare copper ends of the wire pair. Insert the single power wire to this pair of wires. Screw the wire nut over the three wires in a clockwise direction to make a secure electrical circuit.

Words to the Wise:
Consult the manufacturers installation instructions as it may specify certain wiring procedures.

Follow all local electrical regulations.

Never install or service any electrical device while it is under power. Remove all electrical power from the circuit.

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