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Kevin's Take:

We have books; and I do not mean just a few. In fact we have thousands of books. Sometimes I feel why in the world do we need one more? Then we found this new book;
The Complete Book of Butchering, Smoking, Curing and Sausage Making, by Philip Hasheider.

What? Another book concerning butchering your own animals.

I opened the front cover, which is easy to clean by the way as well as the internal pages, and instantly became a little peeved.

I mean where was this book - thirty plus years ago - when I first began to raise my own animals for meat?

Until I opened this book, The Complete Book of Butchering, Smoking, Curing and Sausage Making, by Philip Hasheider, no other author ever showed full color pictures of how to take care of what I raised. The details are amazing. Not only does Philip Hasheider show how to quickly dispatch, he then goes into complete detail of dressing, and then cutting up those wonderful fresh pieces of meat. On top of that - recipes are even included. I am sure some of his favorites.

There are 12 full chapters including a great Glossary, Metric equivalents for those of you across the great pond, East or West, and a full comprehensive Index.

This wonderful gem of a publication is chocked full of color pictures, high in detail. Showing you exactly what needs to be done. The language in the book is straightforward, easy to follow and well laid out. Philip Hasheider explains it all for you, from how the muscles in the animals work, knife preparation and then finally into each type of animal to butcher and process.

He ends the book with chapters on Food Preservation, Meat Curing and Smoking, Making Sausages and even Building Your Own Butchery Business.

This book does not belong on your bookshelf!
It belongs on your kitchen counter!
If you even have a hint at raising your own homestead organic, or otherwise, meat.
You need this publication.
I rarely endorse any product, but this book has been a long time in coming.
I for one, along with Kat, am happy it is finally here.
This is one book you WILL use time and time again.