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A Basic Chainsaw Repair Guide

All chainsaws regardless of make or model resemble each other on the outside. They all have a guide bar, chain blade and an engine. Unfortunately at the engine is where they cease to resemble each other. Different chainsaw manufacturers have various methods for transforming the power from the engine to the rotating chain blade.  New Environmental laws have also changed the way the engine is constructed. Finding the complete repair guide for your particular model can prove to be a challenge.

Record the make and model number of the chainsaw. This will also have to include the date of manufacture. Some chainsaws will have a change made during the model year and integral parts or procedures for disassembly may have also changed with that model.

Connect to the Internet and locate the manufacture of the chain saw. These sites, once you filter through the sales portion, will have downloads of model specific operation and maintenance manuals. They may also have a list of dealers in your area for parts.

Search for specific parts dealers who do business on the Internet. Many of these parts dealers have complete breakdown diagrams of the chainsaws. It may not include complete instructions but will have a full diagram of how the parts fit together. This comes in handy for finding the correct part you will need in the repair.

Contact the dealer in your area. While they do want to perform the service work for you, many authorized dealers will cooperate to keep you, the customer, happy. A negative report from the consumer about a non cooperative dealer does not bode well to the manufacture. The dealer will be happy to order the parts for you and most often give you copies of the specific procedures for replacing the parts.

Some chainsaw repairs may fall under the warranty period. Replacement of parts by the end consumer and not the dealer may void the warranty. Be sure to check the sales receipt and warranty information before attempting any repair.

When replacing parts on a chainsaw, pay particular attention to any safety devices and be sure that they are replaced correctly.

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