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Clean a Window Air Conditioner

Keeping your AC window unit clean not only makes the unit more efficient, but can also decrease odors in the home. During the operation of the window unit, moisture is collected from inside the home and deposited on a tray. This collected water will travel to the outside through the tray. Dust and pollen can collect in this tray and cause bacteria to grow. If not cleaned, the odors can migrate into the home in the form of a musty smell.

Before the Season
Remove the AC unit from the window. Set the air conditioner on a firm surface such as the driveway or a hard patio area. Remove the outer metal cover using a screwdriver to pull the 5 or 6 screws that hold the cover to the units main frame. Inspect the cover for any damage or rust. The airflow created by the vents formed into the cover is vital to the efficient operation of the AC unit. Clean the cover to remove all built up dirt. A solution of degreaser mixed with the manufactures specifications will remove the dirt and clean any sticky sap or plant material.

Inside the Unit
Spray a generous amount of the degreaser solution on the inside of the unit. Be sure to squirt the liquid down inside and on top of the tray. The tray sits below the compressor and the two coils. Work the liquid into the two coils as well. Do not touch or brush the coils as the aluminum fins are very susceptible to bending. Merely squirt the liquid into the coil surface. Let the degreaser do the work. Lay the filter on the hard surface and soak it with the soapy solution. Allow the cleanser to soak for a few minutes. Do not allow it to dry. Use the garden hose and rinse the degreaser from the inside of the unit. Rinse the air filter as well. Apply another coating of the solution and let it soak for a few more minutes. Rinse the unit again. Tip the AC unit to its side to drain all the water from inside. Wipe the face of the air conditioner with a clean rag. Allow the window unit to sit in the sun for a few hours to thoroughly dry.

Install the Unit
Inspect the window before installing the window unit. Check for any signs of water damage that may have occurred from the AC unit water dripping on the woodwork. Caulk any large cracks in the window trim to the house. This is a major cause of air leaks. Check the unit to be sure it is completely dry. Reinstall the cover. Place the AC unit in the window. Install fresh foam gaskets or sealant around the unit to seal the mating surfaces between it and the window frame. Test the AC unit prior to summer operation.

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