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Cooks Saw Blades

When it came time to renew the supply of blades for the mill I had done a lot of searching and kept coming back to one supplier with the best prices, Cooks Saw and Supply.
For the money the 17-dollar blade has performed as well as can be expected and in most cases has out performed any higher dollar blade I have used on the sawmill. I generally can saw around 1000 board feet of pine from any blade and these inexpensive blades have not let me down.

The service from Cooks has also been fantastic as they answered all my questions and did a great follow up.

When it comes to resharpening blades I perform the same task as any other blade, I just touch the face and let them go. Each sharpening of the band saw blade takes me around 25 minutes.

I will admit that I do not go back and set the kerf on the blades. I will fix any teeth that are badly out of alignment. But any rough cut lumber that I use for finish work will be passed through the planer any way - so for me - I don't bother with exact kerf setting of the teeth.

My resharp blades give around 800 board feet to the resharp and for me -  that is good enough.

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