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A Simple Way to Save Money on Movies

Yes, I know most people have Netflix these days, but although cheaper than going to the movies, there is an even cheaper option. At least it is for us.  If you're like us, we like to watch a movie more than once and while you can keep movies as long as you want with Netflix, the Swap a DVD website allows you to keep the movie for as long as you want, including forever.

Swap a DVD works on a credit system.  Find ten movies you've already purchased that you no longer want.  Sign up at the website and list those ten movies as available for trade. For doing this, you'll recieve your first credit.  Use that to order any movie available in the system.  It will cost you nothing.  As you recieve requests for the movies you have listed, you have the opportunity to receive more credits.  Once the requester marks the DVD received in the system, you get the credit. Although you have to pay the postage to send it out, when you request another movie using the credit and it will cost you nothing - the sender pays the postage.  So in essence, you're getting movies for free.

The site allows you to set up a wish list for movies you want to watch that are not available in the system.  As other members post these movies, you are informed through email that the movie is now available.  If you do not an available credit to request the film, you will be given the option to purchase a credit through PayPal.  We have picked up dozens of classic movies this way, the ones we want to keep and don't want to spend twenty or more dollars to buy them.  By buying credits, we get the movies at WalMart bargain bin prices.

If you're worried about the quality of used DVDs, I can only tell you my experience.  In the five years I've been a member, I have only recieved one DVD that didn't work.  Within minutes of marking the DVD with a problem, I received my credit back so I could order another copy.

The site also has a bookswap sister site where you can do the same thing - trade books.

Check out both sites and see how much you'll save.

Trade Books for Free - PaperBack Swap.