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The Natural Healing Collection: 
A Software Review

Living the way I do, it is always handy to have books on natural healing around. It is even handier to have software that covers the subjects too. For years, I relied on a program called Wellness from Zentrum Publishing of Canada. This week, I took the plunge and upgraded to their Natural Healing Collection. I am so very glad I did.

The Natural Healing Collection consists of six inter-connected modules that can also be stand-alone programs if you so desire. The modules include: 

Natural Healing 4.5
The Natural Healing Module is the heart of the program; from here, you can get basic information on different natural treatments for many illnesses. It includes herbal remedies, vitamins, minerals, yoga postures, mainstream drugs, and homeopathic treatments for each listed illness.

Homeopathy 3.5 
This module gives you all the tools you need to learn homeopathic medicine for yourself, short of going to school. Loaded with info, it also discusses tissue salts.
Herbs 3.5
This is my favorite part of the program. With over 450 listed herbs and what they are used for, I open this over and over again. I love the image browser that shows 'real' pictures of each listed herb, which helps me identify what's growing on my side of the mountain. With this program, it's easy to match herb with illness for the best remedy.

Side-Effects 3.6
Every day we hear commercials for prescription drugs that list the possible side effects. Here, you can look up those same drugs and read about what harmful effects there may be. And, it's not just prescription drugs, over the counter medicines, herbs and foods and their side effects are listed also. Prescription drug abuse can lead to serious health problems, so this is a great tool to stay educated on the medicine and supplements you are taking.

Nutrition 3.5
Ever wanted to know your BMI (body mass index)? Wonder which foods are best for you when you are sick, or even when you're well? It's all here in this module. Nutritional therapy, along with vitamins and minerals, plus amino acids and anti-oxidants, everything is covered in this module to get you eating right and healthier.

DataBank 2.4 
Do you have special therapies handed down in your family, old wives tales that you have discovered worked, or any type of treatment that you use and don't want to forget?  They can be recorded here.  My DataBank is an address keeper, contact recorder, and the perfect database to list your own remedies and preventative medicine. I've been adding to mine all week. 

Aromatherapy 1.1
This one is new, but I love it already. Having a strong interest in aromatherapy, it's nice to have everything I need at my fingertips. This one isn't included on the Natural Healing main screen, but a shortcut on your desktop puts it only a click away.

These six programs cost a total of $64.00 and are well worth every penny. There are also two freeware programs that can be added on for nothing. Yoga and Natural Healing Introduction. The Yoga module shows exactly how to do the asana's correctly and gives a lot of basic information on the history of yoga and the different traditions.

Natural Healing Introduction gives a brief overview of all the many diverse alternative therapies available. It's like a mini-encyclopedia of alternative medicine.

Now that I have it all downloaded, and installed (and that was quite a trick on dial-up), I find myself opening the program every day. Like little brother Wellness, the program allows me to find the answers I need quickly, without going online or reaching for a book.

So where can you get this wonderful program for yourself? Click the link below. By the way, I'm not an affiliate of Zentrum Publishing, nor am I an employee. I am just a happy customer who wanted to pass along a find that I feel no one who is interested in alternative health should be without.

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