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Iron Removal an Update

After using the chlorine system for one year, the amount of bleach I use every week has drastically reduced.  I now add only 2 to 3 ounces of bleach into a glass jar and add about a pint of clean water to make a solution that will flow down into the well.

The filter usage has also changed, we now only change the filters every 6 to 7 weeks. It seems that with the constant addition of the bleach water treatment - things have only gotten better. Even with the heavy rains as of late (Spring 2009) the water remains Iron free and odorless.

My original financial calculation has now been cut drastically by 60% - so I would now estimate that our costs per thousand gallons are less than $4.00.

The next project is to automate the addition of the bleach into the well system with a simple timer and water solenoid valve. Of course we will build a descent well house first from the ice storm pine we will be processing.

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