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Zayden and Aserah
New Additions to Our HomesteadThings here are changing and only for the better.  Our first new addition was really a Christmas present from our oldest daughter.  On December 23, she blessed us with our first beautiful grandson, Zayden Grey.It's hard to believe he's six months old already. 

Last month, after years of raising our children's dogs - Zorro and Zigzag - we finally got the dog we wanted (or at least the one I wanted).  We added Aserah, a beautiful Mastiff (or Old English Mastiff) puppy to our lives.Aserah is not only pretty, but smart too.  In less than a week, we had her housebroken and she had never been in a house before.  Although we've only had her less than two weeks, she will already sit and come on command.  Not bad for a puppy, huh?We got her from a wonderful breeder in Southern Missouri (Thanks, Debbie) and are so enthralled with her, we're thinking of adding another Mastiff to our household come next year.  While Aserah is fawn coloured, we're hoping to find a bindle male next time.
Hanging Around
As you can see, Zayden and Aserah get along great.  It was amazing to me to see just how quickly Aserah became protective of my little one. Even tho she is a BIG dog, the worst she had done is lick him to death.  Sometimes, he's not so sure he likes that, but loves to try and pet her.
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