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Removing Mold from Crawl Space Floor Joists

A few years back Kat and I found out that mold can grow into any porous surface that retains moisture.  Especially the areas within the home with little or no air movement such as basements or crawl spaces. Wood floor joists in these areas provide a great habitat for fungus and molds. The following method is a little tedious but it worked for us.

Thick rubber gloves
Dust Mask (Optional)
Sealed package of "baby wipes" or "sterile wipes"
Gallon sized zip lock type baggie
Plastic trash bag

Use a thick pair of rubber gloves to avoid splinters and contaminating other areas with mold spores. Wear a dust mask if you are susceptible to mold and nasal irritations.

Open the package of wipes from the end. Remove one wipe and then place the open package in the zip lock baggie and seal. Keep the package of wipes sealed between uses. 

Wipe the joist area with a single stroke. Fold over the wipe and single stroke a new area. Stroke each new area with a clean surface of the baby or sterile wipe. With practice you should be able to receive 6 to 8 wipe "strokes" from one cloth.  This may seem tedious, but the mold can spread very easily. This practice will decrease cross contamination.

Place the used wipe immediately in the plastic trash bag. Continue wiping down the wood joist in the same manner until the entire length is cleaned.
Words to the Wise:
Use a high-pressure washer with a fungicide in outdoor areas. Blast cleaning methods should not be used indoors as the velocity of spray can damaged woodwork or spread the spores.

Bleach spraying may be appealing, but is no substitute for cleaning mold from a surface.

Replace all wood that is soft and rotted.

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