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Multi-Vitamins, Once A Day, Every Day
by Kat Yares

No one thing a person could do to contribute to staying healthy is more important than taking a multi-vitamin/multi-mineral tablet daily. In this world of fast food, high stress, little sleep, taking a multi-vitamin is almost essential for both adults and children.

Which multi-vitamin to take? If you look on the store shelves the options seem overwhelming, but they aren't. Look for a complete multi-vitamin that matches you and your lifestyle.

Just as prenatal multi-vitamins are recommended for pregnant women, there are vitamins on the shelf for everyone. While a man wouldn't take a prenatal vitamin, a woman wouldn't necessarily want to take one developed for men either.

How do you decide? Look at your age, your lifestyle and any special needs you have. A very active lifestyle will have different nutritional needs than one who's more sedentary. Men and women over fifty have different nutrient requirements than those younger than that. A stressed out executive or an overworked stay at home mother will need more B Complex in their multivitamin than those less affected by stress will. Children will have special needs for promoting healthy growth and development.

In the end, even a generic multivitamin will go far to help correct the imbalance of nutrients the body gets from skipped meals and fast foods

Disclaimer:  All information on this site is for informational purposes only.  Before using any alternative remedy, begin any new exercise routine or otherwise start trying any of the recipes included on these pages, check with your primary health provider.  Many herbs, foods, and exercises can conflict with medications you are taking or have unknown side effects.

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