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As with most things, the price of mushrooms continues to go up.  We have a feeling that it will get worse before it gets better.  So for this years (2008) new project, we decided to try our hand at growing our own.

First we researched on the net.  Found lots of information, but it all led back to one place and literally one man.  Paul Stamets.

We're starting with shiitakes.  We purchased the spawn plugs from Fungi Perfecti.  This is Stamets company and they are wonderful, both at filling orders and communication.

Then we picked up Stament's book The Mushroom Cultivator from eBay.  After reading only a couple of chapters, we knew we wanted every book this man had written.  So back to Fungi Perfecti we went.

We ordered all five of his books, and being a little cheeky at the time, I asked if he could sign them all.  A week later, we had the books, all with his signature.

So now, all we're waiting for is a hint of spring.  Then it will be time to innoculate the logs and get ready to be mushroom farmers.

Did I mention, we got 2000 plugs?  As much as I love mushrooms, don't know if even I can eat that many.

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