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Nature Programming Keeps It Fun While Educating

Nature programming is in a constant pursuit to bring us, as viewers, closer to the action. All the while attempting to capture intimate, breath taking moments of interaction between animals that would be impossible for us to see without the expert skills of the staffs that produce the shows. Gluing a lizard to a rock then setting up a camera to film the approach of its predators is not exactly the most ethical or honest method to capture the true scenarios that evolve in the Great Outdoors. Luckily there are plenty of excellent opportunities to collect footage that is a legitimate portrayal of what is transpiring in the environments that make up the world we live in today.

If you have a cable or satellite provider such as DirecTV then you know there are many hours of eye opening programs on the guide. Using DirecTV Genie you can easily record any of your favorite nature shows and never miss anything. You can sign up using for DirecTV using www.giveadish.com and receive special one-time discount on new channel packages.  Amongst the most popular choices available is the Discovery Channel which focuses on producing documentary style shows for its audiences to tune into for a chance to see and learn about a wide variety of topics from the world around us. While the last decade they have leaned on reality shows to gain viewership percentages (much like many of the other networks on television today), they have never completely left behind their core focus which is to educate while entertaining.

Discovering the North American Continent

In this tradition Discovery is proud to broadcast a new series that highlights the wonders that abound in North America. This 7 episode series explores the landscapes that make up the continent as well as the life that inhabits it. With over three years of production invested into the series it promises to illustrate the wilds of North America like we have never seen before on the channel.

If that is not enough to draw you into the show then maybe a little name dropping will! To add some audio appeal to the show the producers acquired the voice narration of one Tom Selleck. You know Magnum P.I., Quigley Down Under, Mr. Baseball? Fine, if you don't remember those then Monica from Friends boyfriend with the killer 'stache. The guy has enjoyed Discovery programming for years and didn't want Morgan Freeman to nab this one. Additionally, even the rock star Bon Jovi got into the action providing his band's new single to the show. "Army of One" is the theme song for North America.

Discover Amazing Programming

If you want to see amazing footage from all over North America, tune in on Sunday nights until June 19th to catch the show. Of course, if aquatic life is more your speed then the channels beloved Shark Week will be airing later this summer, typically in July or August. This year, sharks need our help as hunting practices are putting their numbers in danger.

Finally, if you are into survival shows then check out this new addition. Naked and Afraid puts a pair of strangers in the wild for 21 days to fend for themselves without basic amenities which includes their clothing. Tune in weekly to see how they manage the elements and each other.