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Canning in a Pressure Cooker?

I see this question all the time and the short answer is: No, you cannot can in a pressure cooker. This is going to be more an editorial than an article, but I think this issue should be addressed. Pressure cookers do not reach the temperatures or the required amount of pressure to properly preserve food.

So why do people ask the question? Mostly because they do not understand that a pressure cooker and a pressure canner are two related, but different animals. Pressure cookers are used to cook foods quickly. Pressure canners, on the other hand not only cook foods quickly, but also are safe to use to preserve foods provided the proper pressure is maintained for the required amount of time.

If you want to preserve the harvest from your garden, invest in an approved pressure canner. If you cannot afford to purchase a new one, look for used canners at thrift shops, auctions, flea markets or garage sales. If you can't find a used one, split the cost with other friends or family members that are interested in canning.

It's really a matter of heath, for both you and your family. You wouldn't feed your family food that is moldy or otherwise spoiled, so why take the risk of feeding them food that can lead to food poisoning that at could end in death.

This isn't just my opinion, it's also the guidelines stated by the USDA.  You can check with the National Center for Home Food Preservation for more information.