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Rustic Baths

Getting away from it all may not include a cabin the woods for your pocket book. But remodeling the bathroom as a rustic get away from a hectic day may just fit your bill. The overall project of remodeling a bathroom can be a large undertaking. But as the main core is finished adding those final touches can be done long after the water is back on. Choices of new fixtures or a treasure pulled from a flea market can make a rustic bathroom within anyone's reach.

The Walls and Ceiling
Redwood and Red Cedar can give a wonderful glow to a rustic design. Both of these woods are excellent for the outdoors due to the rot resistant nature of the wood. Interior bathroom walls can be covered either horizontally or vertically. The wood is easily treated for color retention and the wood defines rustic. The ceiling can also be covered in this type of boards or opened up to the rafters. Removing the ceiling, and reframing an area can add depth and create a sense of big space in a small room. 

Rock Cabinets and Lower Walls
Purchasing rock from the nursery can be expensive, but collecting them from alongside country roads may not be. Do not tear down existing fences, you may even find a landowner more than happy to sell you some for a reasonable price. The rocks can be laid for lower wainscoting on the walls and also be used for the sink cabinet. You may even want to enclose the tub or shower area with an accent of a rock wall. Be sure to check the floor framing so it can support the extra weight. The rocks may not need any sealant but keep an eye on it as it may begin to grow moss inside the moist environment of the bathroom.

Wooden Tubs and Sinks
Some cabinetmakers are now manufacturing full bathroom sinks and large wooden bathtubs. Lined with new epoxies and sealers, these tubs and sinks have almost become maintenance free. The faucets for these fixtures can mimic old time hand pump water fixtures that pour water from the spout by a lift of the handle. Accenting the wooden sink can be accomplished with a wooden counter top and matching shelves or tables. Since these are small items, sealing them against water penetration is easily done with certain sealers.

Recycled Materials
A drive in the countryside may bring you upon old small shops. Look around outside, you may be surprised as what you can find. Many times even old consignment shops may have rusted or worn light fixtures and faucet sets that need some tender loving care and elbow grease. You may even run across an old-fashioned cast iron bathtub. It may be too heavy to haul home at the moment but a deal might be struck to have it delivered. There are many restoration kits on the market to refinish these types of old chipped surfaces to make them look new again.

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