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Classic Speckled Roasting Pan Uses

The classic speckled roasting pan often seen in your mother or grandmother's kitchen is known as a Granite Ware Roaster. Granite Ware has been manufactured since shortly after the Civil War and is an economical roasting pan that rivals the more expensive pans in durability and occasional use. The roasting pan comes in a variety of sizes, so finding the correct size for your needs is not a difficult task.

Roast any meat in the speckled roasting pan according to USDA guidelines and your particular recipe. Some recipes are roasted with the lid on the roaster for the whole time, some are roasted without the lid and for some foods, such as a turkey, you would remove the lid for the last hour or so of cooking time to allow the turkey to brown.

Create one pot meals in the roaster pan. Place the meat in the center of the pan and surround the meat with vegetables, such as potatoes, carrots and onions. Add a small amount of water, usually 1 cup, and cook until the meat is done.

Use a meat rack in the roasting pan only if the embossed tree in the bottom of the pan does not lift the meat high enough off the bottom for the recipe. The tree shape in the bottom of classic speckled roasting pan serves as a built in meat rack.

Use non-stick cooking spray in the pan before roasting foods that may stick as they are cooked. This will help make clean-up easier.

Use the roasting pan as a casserole dish if you are feeding a crowd or participating in a potluck dinner. Double or triple the recipe ingredients and cook right in the pan. Use the lid to cover and transport the casserole from one location to another.

Words of Wisdom

Always use a plastic kitchen scrubber to remove baked on food debris. A metal kitchen scrubber can scratch and remove the enamel of the roaster, allowing rust to form.

To make gravy with the pan drippings, always measure the drippings into a saucepan or other pot suitable for the stovetop. The classic speckled roasting pan is too thin for stovetop use.

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