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Roaster Oven - Cooking Chicken for a Crowd

The first thing we cooked in our new Nesco roaster was barbecued chicken quarters. As we are going to have to feed crowds while we are making our short films, we figured this was an easy meal. And it was - simple and easy. All you need is the chicken quarters and a bottle or two of barbecue sauce. You may score more points if you make your own sauce tho.

Plug your roaster oven into an outlet and set the temperature to 350 degrees.  It will take approximately 15 - 20 minutes for the oven to preheat. Some models include an indicator light that goes out when the oven reaches temperature.

Remove the lid of the roaster and place 10 pounds of chicken quarters inside. Spread the quarters out so that they fill the cooking well.

Cover the chicken with barbecue sauce. This will take 1 to 2 bottles, depending on whether you just squirt it on or take the time to brush the sauce over the chicken. Fill the empty bottles half-full of water to rinse out any remaining sauce and pour it over the chicken.

Place the lid back on the roaster and allow the chicken to cook for 3 hours, before checking internal temperature. Using a meat thermometer, check to ensure the internal temperature of the chicken quarters has reached 165 degrees.

You can either serve the chicken immediately or turn the roaster oven down to 250 degrees to keep warm until needed.

Super simple.