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Correcting Soup That Is too Spicy

It happens, due to enthusiasm or over-zealousness, that perfect pot of soup you are cooking becomes way over spicy and almost inedible.  Luckily, if you have an extra potato or two lying around, the problem may be fixable.

The idea is to peel one or two potatoes and cut them in half. Place the potato halves into the soup and bring the soup to a fast simmer. Cook for an additional half hour and then remove the potatoes. 

Taste the soup, if it is still too spicy, repeat the process.

The idea here is that the potatoes will absorb the extra spice leaving the soup tasting much more pleasant.

Other Things You Can Try:

De-fat the soup. Remove the soup from the heat and refrigerate. Allow any fat to solidify on the top of the soup. Use a large slotted spoon to remove the fat. This may remove much of the spiciness.

Divide and conquer. Split the soup into two pots. Add extra water or stock and more of the vegetables that were in the original recipe.

If none of this works, freeze the soup in small amounts and use it as base stock for another full pot of soup another day