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Tips for Staying Cool in the Heat

I know here in Arkansas this summer has been extremely scorching as far as temperatures go.  While we've had a bit of relief the last week, forecast is calling for those 100 degree days to return this week.  So it got me thinking of the ways we try to help the air-conditioners keep the house cool, while trying to save on the costs of running the two units.

If you have drapes on your windows, keep them closed during the day.  The drapes will help buffer the windows keeping the cooler air from leeching out and the hot outside air from leaching in.

Run a box fan near the air condition to push the cooler air to other parts of the house. The more you can push the cooler air around the cooler the house will feel.

If you have ceiling fans, run them also.  Like box fans, they help keep the cool air circulating around your home.

Try to go outside as little as possible during the heat of the day.  Cold air will not escape and hot air will not rush inside if the door isn't opened.  If you have outside chores to complete, do those as early in the morning as possible to avoid the heat.

And on another note, when you need to go somewhere during the heat of the day, leave your car doors open for a few minutes.  The inside of your car is much hotter than the temps outside.  When you get in the car, turn your air-conditioner on using outside air.  Crack the windows a couple of inches and let the air run for two or three minutes before closing the windows and changing the air setting to recirculate.

The best way to deal with heat is to avoid it as much as possible.  Drink a lot of liquids.  Water is good, so is Gatorade or similar products.  Avoid too much alcohol.  Although even I will admit that a cold beer on a hot day is wonderfully tasty.

While all of this may seem like simple common sense, it's surprising how many people do not follow any of it.  We have a neighbor who is always out in his garden in the worst heat of the day and then he complains about not feeling well - imagine that.

Bottom line folks, stay safe.  Heat exhaustion or even worse, heat stroke is no fun for anyone.