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Filtrete Water Pitcher by 3M

As many of our regular readers know, our water comes from a well.  This means filtering to make sure the water is safe to drink.  For years, we've relied on the Brita filters to take the water that comes from the tap and ensure that it is drinkable water.  (Btw, we do have a whole house system installed in the well house, the Brita system is an extra failsafe measure.)

I were asked to review the new Filtrete Water Pitcher system from 3M.  Now, this may be a bit of 'brandwashing', but I expected a 3M product to be at least equal to anything else on the market, if not better.  Boy, was I wrong.

First of all, the water reservoir is tiny, holding right at about 8 ounces.  It takes about 11 minutes to fill the pitcher to the full 8 cup capacity.  Now, I suppose I could have place the pitcher in the sink under a slow dribble from the faucet, but for me that seemed ridiculous. 

Timing the Filtrete against my Brita (with a week old filter) was only about a two minute difference.  Not enough to worry about, since I can fill the Brita reservoir and walk away - come back a few minutes later and fill it again and that's it.  Done.

The Filtrete makes a big issue about being able to fit in the door of the fridge.  It does this well.  But after filling the pitcher and putting it in the door for a week - I pulled it out.  I do not know if it shows in the picture, but there is a thin layer of sediment on the bottom of the pitcher.  In other words, the filter filtered out nothing.  The water is undrinkable - at least for me.

To add insult to agony, the pitcher and filters are much higher priced than the Brita.  Heck they are even higher than the Pur systems.

So why am I telling you all this?  In an attempt to help you save money by not buying a product that I feel you will not get any benefit from.  I know I haven't.
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