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Weedeater -- I pulled the rope and it Broke

It always happens just when you're ready to begin. The little gas tank is full, there's fresh line or blades on the end of the shaft, you pull the rope twice and … the *&%#ing rope breaks. Been there - done it - and took the pictures.

Allen wrench set
Channel lock pliers
9/16-inch end wrench
Philips screwdriver
3 clamps
Thin nosed (needle nosed) pliers
Small metal pick

I have found that you do not have to remove the shaft from the end of the Weedeater for this rewind of the pull cord.  Just pull the four Allen screws from the plastic cowling that contains the starter pulley.

There is one Allen head screw hidden inside the throttle handle. You can use the channel locks for extra leverage.

With the end removed you will still need to expose the pull starter unit. Grab the metal spacer with the channel locks and remove 9/16-inch nut (maybe 5/8 on other units).

Pull the clutch dog assembly from the shaft and also the thin spacer washer that lays underneath.

I use three hand clamps to hold the recoil spring in place after I wind it back up. Wind the spring until you cannot move the plastic pulley any more. Then back it off where the small rope hole will line up with the entrance hole on the top of the housing.

Remove the small Philips screw and washer and the small piece of pull rope left behind. Make a clean cut on the end of the rope before you place it back in through the hole. Here is where the small pick comes in handy to "stab" the end of the rope. Pull as much as you can through the hole and then finish pulling the rope through with the small needle nose pliers.

Wrap the end of the rope around and through the holding maze on the plastic pulley. Reattach the screw and washer.
Remove the clamps but make sure you hold onto the pulley as the recoil spring will want to "zip" that line back inside. 
Slowly allow the rope to fill back inside.

Now just put it back together like you took it apart.
DO NOT place any oil on the inside of the clutch mechanism.
Make sure this is kept free and dry of any oil.
Oil will make the clutch dogs slip against the inside of the clutch drum.

Good luck.

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