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A New Way to Mow

Very rarely do I do a product endorsement here on the webpages, but every now and then, you come across something that totally changes the way you do things. This happened when it was time to buy a new lawnmower.

Obviously living in the Ozarks, our lawn, if you can call it that, is far from the well-manicured lawns you might see in the suburbs. Our 'lawn' definitely has a mind of its own, with clover, weeds, blackberry brambles and other undesirable plants growing among the little real grass that we have.

We were surprised when we saw the Husqvarna 625 high wheel string trimmer being offered for sale at our local hardware store. We were there to buy a heavy-duty lawnmower, but had to rethink once we saw the trimmer. On the one hand, Kevin could wear himself out trying to push a lawnmower (even a self-propelled model) through the high grasses or, he could weed-whack the yard in a fraction of the time.

That decided it for us; we chose the Husqvarna 625 for two basic reasons - the Husqvarna brand (we do have two chain saws by the same manufacturer) and the Briggs & Stratton engine. Combining these two brands sold it for us, without having to read reviews.

But here's the bottom line:

The High Wheel String Trimmer works wonderfully on our pseudo-lawn. Don't have to worry about hitting rocks, fence posts or other obstructions the trimmer keeps on going. Yes, you will break the line on most metal objects, but the line can be replaced quickly and easily. The trimmer works well on wet or dry grasses and weeds and is simple to push on dry ground. A bit more effort is required if the ground is very wet.

With its 22-inch cutting diameter, the trimmer made short work of 'mowing' our lawn. I don't think the better half will ever go back to a traditional lawn mower after using this machine.

You do need to wear safety glasses, long pants and work gloves when using this (or any) trimmer as it will safe you from a lot of hurt. Like all string trimmers, the Husqvarna 625 throws small objects (rocks and stones) and clippings everywhere. Because of its size, you may still have to use a hand-held string trimmer in tight areas, but for the most part, we've not found it necessary.

I can highly recommend this trimmer to anyone who doesn't have a traditional lawn and just needs to whack down the greenery that is growing in unwanted places.