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Growing Wheatgrass for Juicing

Wheatgrass is simple to grow indoors and can be juiced for drinking using a mortar and pestle or a specialized wheatgrass juicer. The key to growing wheatgrass for juicing is to plant the grass daily to keep a constant supply in your kitchen.  Wheatgrass started will take approximately 1 week to mature enough to begin cutting for juice.

Wheat berries
Quart sized jar
7 to 9 six inch planting pots
Sterilized potting soil
Mortar and Pestle or
Wheatgrass juicer

Growing the Wheatgrass
Soak one ounce of wheat berries overnight in a quart sized jar half full of water.

Fill a six inch planting container 3/4 full of sterilized potting soil.  Water the soil until it is moist to the touch.

Drain the water from the wheat berries and spread the seeds over the moist soil.

Cover the seeds with another 1/4 inch of potting soil. Cover the pot with a sheet of newspaper.

Uncover the pot when the seeds have germinated and the seedlings break through the soil.

Place the pot in a sunny window and allow the wheatgrass to grow.

Harvest the wheatgrass when it reaches 7 to 8 inches high. Cut the wheatgrass 1/2 inch above the soil level to harvest.

Repeat the process daily for one week, using the remainder of the pots.

Juicing the Wheatgrass
Place a small amount of cut wheatgrass in the bowl of your mortar. 

Add 1 tablespoon of water.

Grind the wheatgrass into a liquid using the pestle. Add water by the teaspoon as necessary to keep the wheatgrass from gumming up.

Repeat the process until you have enough wheatgrass juice to drink.

Words to the Wise:
A wheatgrass juicer will make short work of juicing the grass for drinking. Wheatgrass juicers are sold at most health food stores or at retailers online.

Use only wheat berries labeled for sprouting or juicing. These are untreated seeds and can be purchased at most health food stores.

Each pot of wheatgrass will continue to grow after the first harvest allowing a second harvest in approximately a week.