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At the Sawmill in Winter

Actually, at the sawmill in winter is really no place to be.  I can handle the cold, but rain and snow just really puts a damper on things.  At least until we get the roof over Oscar.

Rain poured from the skies most weekends during January, so that kept us away from the mill much more than we wanted.  February is bringing us snow, ice and bitterly cold weather so far.  But that's okay, it only motivates us to get that roof over done and done soon so that next year the weather won't be an issue at all.

Kevin's been hard at work peeling the logs that will form the beams of the sawmill roof over.  Some of these logs are over 20 feet long, but we figure we'll need that extra length so that no matter where you are at the mill, you can stay dry.

Last weekend, he taught our oldest daughter how to use a drawknife.  After the whining and moaning was done, I think she finally discovered that she actually enjoyed doing it.  Of course, he started her on smaller branches that will be turned into bench legs and walking sticks.

We had planned on cutting this coming weekend, but once again, the weatherman is calling for both ice and snow.  Don't think it will happen.  But when the weather finally co-operates, the ramps are already loaded with post oak and red oak logs, just waiting for us.

This will be the first 'real' hardwood we've cut and both of us are looking forward to seeing what type of boards Oscar, the sawmill, is capable of making.  The Red Oaks of Arkansas were almost totally wiped out during a blight several years ago.  We were lucky to find a few standing dead trees down in the woods.  If it turns out as pretty as I'm thinking it will, I can already envision a new coffee table and maybe an end table as well.

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