A Long Hot Summer Ahead

We can already tell.  Early June and temps in the high 90s and low 100s.  Too hot to do much outside except in the early morning hours.  But, what with Kevin leaving for work at 5am, I can be outside at first light, which is a good thing.  That's before it gets too hot and too sticky for comfort.

So other than watering the plants and collecting the harvest, most of my hours are spent indoors where it is cooler - even if I am canning and preserving.  Plus, I've got four more books in the works.  So I stay busy, especially with the crazy schedule that Kevin has at work.

During downtime - I do watch a bit of TV.  Just posted a new article on that, which you can find here.  I love shows that not only entertain but also teach me something.  I've got the grandkids hooked on them too - they will give up Shreck to watch a nature show.  Far better for their growing minds, I think.

Now that things are finally settling down a bit though, and I'm cooped up for the summer - chances are you'll see new pages more often.  Which, I'm thinking, might be a good thing too.

Stay cool!
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